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How I fall in love with bitcoins these days

 Actually, I was an PCB board foreign trade salesman, working on alibaba platform for 3 years since graduated from university. However, about 6 months ago, I remembered that was an sunny afternoon, my boss(a really professional PCB、PCBA man) call me to had a cup of tea with him. “he must have some idea again” I know. Then I felt very nervous, praying he gave me some good news like increase salary for me or something similar, but not fire me. God bless me. He really share me an surprising product.- Bitcoin asicminer. 
2013,9th, Sep BITCOIN ASICMINER, this new word then accompanied me for the last days till today. Since 2012, I have learned something about bitcoins from my friend. I know that [Bitcoin is a kind of network virtual currency, anyone in the world can use to purchase virtual items, such as clothes, hats, equipment in network game,etc. Certainly, you can also use bitcoins to purchase items in real life as long as the seller accept. However, the most special point for bitcoin is that the issue, circulation and management of bitcoins does not belong to any person, organization, company or any country. In another words, it’s equally and belong to everyone who participate in. Anyone who have a computer, connecting to network, and then running a free open source software can be involved. There is never such thing that anyone who as an administrator or who have the center node or privilege. That calls BITCOIN SYSTEM, a equally peer-to-peer(P2P) systems. Most important of all, BITCOIN SYSTEM can promise as below: 1. the total quantity of bitcoins is certained. 2.the quantity of bitcoins increase at a slow pace, but not sudden increase. 3. bitcoins will eventually increase to a certain quantity, but not unlimited growth. 4. the above characteristics are guaranteed by a recognized mathematical formula, do not need any guarantee come from any person, any organization or country. 5.the circulation of bitcoins do not need any intermediaries and the transfer process is not subject to interference]. So this news asicminer is a big surprise for me. At the first week, I was curious about this magical hardware , but then I nearly crazy about it. 2013,9th, Sep 13:46
 As time by, we learn more and more(an crazy increase speed) people are interested in bitcoin,, either to be a miner mining or invest bitcoins. About half an month later, I was called to have a cup of tea again. This time, I was exciting. As expected, boss asked: If you want to sell bitcoin asicminer on aliexpress? My answer is YES, without any hesitation. Then my experience with bitcoin asicminer hardware begain……… Then our store--- China BTC Electronics Co.,LTD ( opened, our asicminer begain selling on aliexpress. At first, we selling 330MH/S USB asicminer, then we selling 10gh/s blade asicminer and till today, we add 10gh/s mini blade asicminer selling 
2013,10th,Sep 10:05
 Here want to share some experience with my customer. My first customer is an gentleman from Russian. I remembered it was about 16:00 on Monday, trandemanager pop up a message. He very nice to say hello to me and told me he came from Russian and was a newer very interested in bitcoins, want to try to have a USB block erupter, but wonder if we can teach he how to use and wonder if we can ship to him immediately. That’s absolutely what we should service for our customers. Then online we talked about how to use step by step, and I promised him when we confirm receiving his payment, we will arrange shipment in 24 hours. Half an hour later, he told me everything is ok. And pop up again, aliexpress notice me my customer place order and 1 minutes later, he paid the payment. I was so exciting. That was my first customer and so nice an communication process. Next day moring, I confirmed payment. WOW, before noon, I arrange the shipment. ……later, later, this customer feedback, it’s vey nice, and buy 5 units again. Considered he was my old customer, at that time, I gave him an discount. Haha, good experience!!! 
2013,11th,Sep 15:16
 Another very interesting customer from Brazil who is now become my friend. We always chat on skype, chat some latest news about bitcoin, bitcoin hardware. He is really an senior man for bitcoin.. I remembered that was midnight, I was in sleeping, and my trademanager on mobile phone pop up a message, which really scared me, you can image that in mindnight, and your mobile phone suddenly rang, how horrible a thing. “Customer is our God” I have to wake up. (Saleman is really working 24 hours.) Then he told me he want an 10gh/s hardware,but wander if we can help him make the invoice value smaller which is convenient for him to let custom clearance smoothly in Brazil. And hope we can ship to him in one week. 7 days later, he told me he received the asicminer form UPS and gave us a 100% positive feedback. Really thanks!!! What’s more, he introduced his friends to buy asicminers in my store( Here thanks he again. And also thanks his friends trusting us. 
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For Sale: ASICMiner Block Erupter Blade v2 10GH/s+ on cryptothrift

For Sale: ASICMiner Block Erupter Blade v2 10GH/s+ on cryptothrift for cryptocoins
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Bitcoin Miner farm 90Ghas. Asicminer Block Erupter USB Blade. FADISHOP. Mining Hardware ASICMINER USB Block Erupter - Bitcoin ASIC Miner ASICMINER Erupter blade - config menu - clock switch Asicminer Block Erupter Blade (10GH/s) mining ASICMINER Erupter blade - config menu

ASICMINER Block Erupter 336MH/s - ASIC USB Bitcoin Miner - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! TTBIT Bitcoin SHA256 USB Stick Miner 3.3 out of 5 stars 30. $49.50. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. ASICMiner 24-Pin ATX/EPS PSU Jump Starter Bridge 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. $5.00. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Asicminer 24 Pin to 8-Pin Power Supply ATX PSU Adapter Cable 4.5 out of 5 stars 26. $12.87. Asicminer 20Pin ATX to 2-Port 6Pin at PSU Converter Power Cable Cord for 286 386 486 ... For some time ASICMiner has been promising to sell their ASIC bitcoin mining technology. Some possible products included the 300 MH/s USB mining dongle announced earlier this week. Finally today, ASICMiner representative Friedcat has opened an auction thread on the bitcoin community site BitcoinTalk for people to enter bids for 10 "Block Erupter blades". Statystyki sieci Bitcoin. Trudność: 19,298,087,186,262 (138141.09 PH/s) Aktualna prędkość: 128547.96 PH/s. Następna trudność: 17,858,449,882,167 (zmiana -7.46%) Prędkość generowania bloku: 10.26 minut. Wykopane Bitcoiny: 18,510,313 (88.14 %) Niewykopane Bitcoiny: 2,489,688 (11.86 %) Liczba bloków: 651650. Zmiana trudności za 1534 bloków czyli za około 10 dni 22 godzin 19 minut ... ASICMiner Block Erupter Blade 10 7gh s Miner (Rev2) $ 0.00. Fully Tested and Upgraded Asic Revision 2 Blades. More Info and Reviews. SKU: B00FPG1MOW Category: ASIC Miners Tag: CE. Description; Reviews (0) Description. Discount Pricing until 12.21.2013 the last day we will be able to ship prior to the holiday break. Fully Tested and Upgraded Asic Revision 2 Blades 107 GHs Output per blade ...

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Bitcoin Miner farm 90Ghas. Asicminer Block Erupter USB Blade. FADISHOP.

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue I documented the first start of our new miner. It is not very spectacular as it does not burst into flames like everybody expected. ASICMINER erupter blade - after 36 hours use - minor power issue - Duration: 1 ... Sapphire Block Erupter - USB Bitcoin Miner 330 Mhash @ 2,5 W - Duration: 2:25. SwiftDK 48,292 views. 2:25 . USB ... Click here to join The Bitcoin Mine!: USB Block Erupter driver: KnCMiner Jupiter - Bitcoin Miner 500GH/s+ 28nm ASIC chips - unboxing and setup 1080p - Duration: 4 ... ASICMINER erupter blade - after 36 hours use - minor power issue - Duration: 1:53. Alex ...