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Trading platforms like ... For now, Ripple may serve as a good market for Bitcoin, but if its own currency becomes more expedient, some say, it could also destroy Bitcoin. (Watch the clip below or read Kevin Roose’s article in New York magazine for more details on virtual money.) Trust in a software based currency. While the new e-currencies hint at the possibility of a revolution in the ... BitCoin is like that, without the rare metal aspect. There are a limited number of "BitCoins" -- fewer than nine million at press time. Like precious metals, each BitCoin can be exchanged directly ... An alternative currency must eventually decouple from both “dollars” but the more urgent need by far is decoupling from the dollar as a means of payment. As I’ve pointed out in my books, an alternative currency that is issued on the basis of a national currency paid in (e.g., sold for dollars), amounts to a “gift certificate” or localized “traveler’s check.” (See Money ... This was spotted by BGR writer Tero Kuittinen, who noted that three iOS apps — Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Ticker and Bitcoin App — each jumped up the App Store charts in Spain, all on the same day, as the news broke from Cyprus. Compare their download histories to those from a country like the UK and it’s clear that the upward trend is more pronounced in the more at-risk nation… We've all seen - and felt - what it's like for people to lose faith in finance on a large scale. Along with financial institutions and products, even national currencies are falling prey to alternatives. Economic hard times, as well as advances in...

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Make 3 times as much mining with alternatives to bitcoin! Check out more at Christian Gelleri explains the Chiemgauer, the largest and most successful regional currency (Regiogeld) in Bavaria, Germany. Part of the CCS conference series Silvio Gesell und die Freiwirtschaftslehre wird mit dem Bitcoin verglichen. Die gesamte freiwirtschaftliche Geschichte vom Hochmittelalter bis zur heutigen, bekanntesten Regionalwährung - dem ... After a week of living on the crypto-currency, Forbes reporter Kashmir Hill invites Bitcoin enthusiasts to a dinner meet-up to help her spend the rest of her digital wallet and share their views ... The second panel at was about alternatives. Watch the panellists debate who should create money, the market or the state, how bitcoin compares to local currencies and much more ...