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A Hefty Apology..

First, I'd like to apologies for how long this is going to be, but I believe context is everything.
I'd like to apologize to the Nano community. Since before the re brand I've always cracked jokes about the project, primarily because I can't stand moonbois.. but I digress.
I guess you could say I was early on the Bitcoin chain. I was blown away by the white paper and mined coins before ASICs we're even a discussion. Never got rid of them or anything, just thought it was an amazing concept to me since I had been repeatedly jacked around by a few banks. However, as a recurring theme life happened and I fell out of it completely. A few years went by when someone brought it up to me and when I asked how much it was worth, I almost had a heart attack. Probably shouldn't have spilled beer on the laptop holding my address and key. It didn't even cross my mind when I threw it out..
So I was back, other projects were on the come up and I took interest. Thought they were great, still do.. But I couldn't wrap my head around a lot of it. I'm familiar with code like I am around the block of an engine, but I'm not a mechanic. I couldn't fathom having to use a calculator to figure out how much gas I needed to send 100 coins of X. Thought I did it right and boom... Dust. The rage. Made some good strides and learned from previous mistakes, but I was still somewhat upset with decisions made within these projects. Who would think that was okay? Life happened again and I dropped out for quite awhile again to return back to a colleague at work mentioning BTC at around 9K. I quietly (I don't mention to many people about how involved I've been) checked out my addresses and was blown away. So I was back.
Yeah I made gains (lost a lot too), but I was already well on my way in life and career and didn't need the rocket in some dream of a lambo (Masi's are better). I just wanted all of this to work. Again, it seemed like it was too hard to do anything, move things around... Dust here, dust there.. None the less, I learned more. Taught myself some code just so I could understand the githubs.. No desire to code, just wanted to learn. The dream I saw a few years ago was growing and I felt optimistic. Stuck around for a long run and then life happened again.
Came back at probably the best time in late summer 2017. You want to talk about diversification... I just (today) burned a stack of papers with private keys written down to projects I forgot even existed. The mayhem! Anyway, won some lost some yeah yeah everyone has those stories....
I was still frustrated because that image I had in my head when I was a bit younger was not really fulfilled. Man, these moonbois, let me tell you. At the time and shortly after cracking jokes and having fun was basically my MO (I'm very sarcastic, still am). But yet again, life happened and I let everything just sit where the chips were.. With the exception of those burned out GPUs and the S9's. They went into the trash.
Life gave me a nice little easy path more recently and I've been poking my head around again. The moonboi epidemic is definitely at an ATH. But where the hell was this image I had years back and now and why did it seem like it died? Too many scams? Too many hacks? Too much smoke and mirrors? The founding idea is/was so perfect?
But I wanted that image. The past couple weeks I've been being my sarcastic ass and ripping a bit on Nano. I saw an actual well thought out post on Reddit and thought “Alright, that's pretty well said. Let me hear this out.” So I took a look. Thought it was better put together than other projects so I lurked around.
Today in the daily general I asked for a laymen's approach. I didn't need it, but I wanted to see what would be thrown at me. I was impressed. I saw on another thread about Natrium and a faucet... DAMN, that was fast. Alright I thought, let's dabble. So I did what I always do.. Took a little BTC to the exchange, picked up some nano, set up the ledger and mobile app and tested some stuff out.
Do you know the feeling after everything I just said to send 10 Nano from the exchange (including fee) to a mobile wallet, to the ledger, back to the mobile wallet and then back to the exchange and in the end... still have 10 Nano? In under less than I don't even know.. as fast as I could copy and paste it?!
I called for my wife took her phone and sent myself 10 Nano back and forth. Man am I an asshole. I'm not “In” so to speak, because honestly, at this point. I don't care about prices. I just want to use the shit. Life happens, I want to be able to continue down life and use this shit. The last time I actually used BTC for anything was in 2014.
BTC is digital gold for me.. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Sounds like some WSJ headline, I know. But it's been a good hedge against inflation for what's it worth. But during that second to last time I was back.. the Tx fees were unbelievable. Store of value, all the way, buying a snickers bar? No thanks mate.
I'm actually late to meet a friend at the bar for our weekly pint, was gonna just send this, but he's a moonboi. One sec. Lol --- 45 min later --- Alright, at the pub. Got him to download Natrium. We're now gonna just buy eac hother drinks for the next few hours.
I have some questions regarding decentralization.. bottle necking, spam transactions, but I can ask them in discord I guess. My only fear is that this could be replicated by Chase/BofA etc, but then again, I kind of left them years ago for a reason.
I'm sorry, okay. I'm sorry I was a sarcastic asshole. This is by far the closest thing I've wanted in a very long time. Send 1 Nano.. Get 1 Nano. Who would have thought. I'm going back to darts, but before I go...
- Can someone send me something on how to set up a node? Walk through maybe?
- Mods should pin this. I don't care about worthless internet points. Truth is I'm on my 9th or 10th Reddit account. So, I'll retire this one as soon as I hit send. But I think there is a valuable lesson from my time in this crazy town.
I'm not getting rid of my BTC and “going all in for the moonbois”. But I'll definitely be using my Nano. Whenever or wherever I can.
Thank you.
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Dogecoin (DOGE) Is One Of The Best Cryptocurrencies, GenesisBlockNews Would Not Exist Without It

Dogecoin (DOGE) Is One Of The Best Cryptocurrencies, GenesisBlockNews Would Not Exist Without It
Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the best cryptocurrencies out there, and if Dogecoin did not exist, GenesisBlockNews would not exist either. Without a shadow of a doubt, Dogecoin is what got me into the crypto space. Before I tell that story, let me explain the merits of Dogecoin.
Most cryptocurrencies nowadays launch with an initial coin offering (ICO) or pre-mine, and in both cases the developers take a large amount of coins for themselves out of greed. This ruins the coin supply and market long term. Dogecoin is one of the only cryptocurrencies to have zero premine. From the day Dogecoin launched it was an honest competition between miners, traders, investors, and workers to obtain Dogecoins. As far as I remember, the creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, does not have more Dogecoins than any other early adopter.
The fact that Dogecoin uses Scrypt proof of work (PoW) enabled people on personal computers to mine Dogecoin, versus Bitcoin which could not be mined on a personal computer, even way back when I started in 2014. Further, Dogecoin has always had a relatively low USD value per coin, so miners can earn entire Dogecoins, if not hundreds to thousands of Dogecoins, via mining and faucets. It feels a whole lot better to earn entire Dogecoins, versus minuscule fractions of Bitcoins, and this is the sort of thing that gets new crypto users excited enough to dive deeper into the space.
The lack of premine and favorable mining conditions allowed Dogecoin to develop one of the healthiest crypto communities; one of the community’s main hubs is dogecoin. The community on dogecoin, and other chat sites and waterbowls, has always been very friendly and generous. At least back when I started in 2014, Dogecoin was known as the crypto for tipping, and this fostered a healthy environment of content sharing and collaboration. Compare this to the Bitcoin community, which practically never tips and is often very aggressive to each other. Not talking down on Bitcoin, basically Bitcoin is aggressive like New York City, and there is a purpose for that and nothing wrong with it, while Dogecoin is like Wisconsin and very friendly.
All of these positive factors is why Dogecoin is sticking around as a major cryptocurrency long term, currently with a market cap of USD 250 million even in this ‘nuclear’ bear market. When the crypto market finally does go to the moon, Dogecoin will definitely be along for the ride.
When I was but a young shibe, Dogecoiners taught me how to mine my first Dogecoins, skills which I later used to mine dozens of different cryptos. Dogecoiners taught me how to exchange Dogecoins for fiat on dogemarket, which would later become a real enterprise for me as it expanded into Bitcoin dealing. Without the training and experience on dogemarket I would have never had a chance at being a Bitcoin dealer. Also, the tipping rewards for good content on dogecoin motivated me to become a crypto journalist, which is now my career, and allows me to provide a stable home for my wife.
Essentially, Dogecoin is a friendly gateway for the crypto space, and without Dogecoin I would probably be stuck working a physical labor job, instead of using my intellect to its maximum capabilities. Dogecoin and crypto in general provides the freedom to do any job or business you are capable of, and the friendly helping hand of the Dogecoin community is what made me realize that. For many people their crypto experience starts with the friendly shibes of the Dogecoin community, and then quickly becomes a serious career.
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Comentários dos usuários brasileiros丨6 razões poderosas pelas quais as pessoas adoram a NovaDAX Exchange!

Comentários dos usuários brasileiros丨6 razões poderosas pelas quais as pessoas adoram a NovaDAX Exchange!
No Brasil, não há apenas samba, futebol e carnaval, mas também entusiastas de criptomoedas.
A NovaDAX é uma exchange de criptomoedas que chegou ao Brasil com o objetivo de tornar as transações de ativos digitais mais fáceis. A NovaDAX foi lançada no final de setembro de 2018 e ganhou muito suporte dos usuários em várias mídias sociais.
Encontramos 6 razões pelas quais as pessoas nos escolheram.

A honestidade é a primeira razão.
Usuário do Telegram

Cumprimos com o que está determinado. Na campanha recente de BTC grátis, garantimos que todas as recompensas sejam pagas a tempo.

Usuário do Telegram

A segurança é a segunda razão.
Usuário do Twitter
A NovaDAX possui uma arquitetura profissional e distribuída, além de um sistema de anti-DDOS Atack. Utilizamos uma cold wallet de multi assinatura para armazenar 99% das moedas digitais.

Resolvemos os problemas rapidamente. Esta é a terceira razão pela qual os usuários nos escolhem.
Usuário do Telegram
Se você tiver qualquer dúvida, entre em contato conosco por meio das mídias sociais ou por e-mail para solicitar ajuda. Nossa exchange está tratando rapidamente todas as transações, confirmando os pedidos em segundos.

4º Bônus grátis e taxas baixas
Bônus de BTC grátis e taxas baixas na NovaDAX é a quarta razão.
Usuário do Telegram
Cada usuário que participa de nossas atividades pode receber recompensas de BTC. Além disso, nosso desconto nas taxas de transação ainda está valendo.
Usuário do Youtube

Usuário do Twitter
Somos conectados a uma rede global para que você tenha acesso aos melhores negócios.

5º Potencialidade
Somos um projeto promissor e esta é a quinta razão.
Usuário do Facebook

Usuário do Facebook
Com mais de 130 milhões de usuários em suas operações globais, o Abakus Group (Holding Wecash) figura desde o ano de sua fundação, em 2014, entre as “Best 50 Fintech Innovators” nos estudos divulgados anualmente pela KPMG, além de ter sido premiado com o Accenture Fintech Award.
Usuário do Facebook

6º Popularidade
Popularidade é a sexta razão pela qual os usuários nos escolhem. Nossos serviços foram reconhecidos pelos usuários, alguns dos quais fizeram vídeos para a NovaDAX no YouTube e conseguiram muitas visualizações.
Usuário do Youtube
Usuário do Youtube
No site Bitcoin Faucet do Brasil, nosso projeto foi divulgado pelo webmaster com destaque.
Gostaríamos de expressar nossa sincera gratidão aos nossos usuários entusiasmados! E é por isso que estamos sempre trabalhando para melhorar nossos serviços e experiência na plataforma para vocês.

Usuário do Telegram

Usuário do Telegram
Se você tiver qualquer dúvida sobre o uso da NovaDAX, entre em contato conosco por e-mail ou mídias sociais.
Em caso de dúvidas, entre em contato com nosso time: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Saiba mais sobre NovaDAX:
Twitter: @Nova_DAX
Facebook: @OfficialNovaDAX
Telegram: NovaDAX

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Looking to get into mining

I became interested in bitcoin in 2012. Unfortunately, I did not know about mining at the time, and instead relied on faucets to reach my current balance of 10k satoshis. In late 2014 I learned about mining and decided I would like to try it out; however, by that point my 2004 laptop was too obsolete to make a profit, and I didn’t have the money to invest in a mining rig. Since then, I all but gave up on Bitcoin and just watched the price steadily rise, with regret at having not invested anything. However, this past Black Friday I built my first gaming PC. It was a cheap build, with a $5 GT 1030 (I know it sucks) and a Ryzen 3 1200 (it doesn’t suck as bad). I didn’t consider using it for mining as I built it for gaming. A friend of mine who works for a large company gifted me 3 servers, 5 desktops, and 2 laptops for Christmas. He also donated about 50 HDDs, 4 PSUs, 20 GPUs (older), and 100 or so memory modules. So I currently have 4 laptops, 6 desktops and 3 servers. If I sold all of this for scrap metal to a local company, I would make about $150. This would put me at having a budget of $300 to start mining, which I don’t believe is enough. Alternatively, I believe I could mine with all this hardware. I know a huge problem people have is electricity costs and breaking even. I don’t have to pay for electricity where I live, so that isn’t a problem for me. Another problem is startup costs, which if I mine with this hardware would be $0 (even the money to build the gaming pc was a gift). I tried using Minergate, but when I withdrew, I never received any balance, and support never contacted me back. I also started using Nicehash on just the gaming desktop yesterday morning and I’m making $1.31/day. I’ve heard from several people that Nicehash is not the best option. Seeing as how any amount I make, no matter how small, will be strictly profit, could this be a good way for me to start mining until I could afford to build a rig? Am I too late? Or should I just sell all my hardware and start from scratch? What other options do you guys think I have?
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Coin-a-Year: Nyancoin

Hello cryptocurrency lovers! Welcome to Coin-a-Year, the laziest series yet in the Coin-a-Day publishing empire. This year's coin is Nyancoin (NYAN). I originally covered Nyancoin in an article here in /cryptocurrency published January 4th, 2015.
Without (much) further ado, I'm going to include the original report next, unmodified. This is unlike my Coin-a-Week series, where I use strikeout and update in-text. Because this is going to be a longer update, I'll just make all further comments and updates below, just realize that all information below is as of January 4th, 2015 and thus is more than a year out of date as of posting now, at the end of February 2016.
Since I use horizontal rules as internal dividers in the original post, I'll use a double horizontal rule to divide the original text from this prelude and the following update.
Coin-a-Day Jan 4th
Welcome to the fourth installment of Coin-a-Day! To see convenient links to the introduction and the previous entries, please see /coinaday. Today's coin is Nyancoin (NYAN).
• ~173.6 million available currently [1]; 337 million limit [2]
• All-time high: ~0.000024 BTC on February 16, 2014 [1]
• Current price: ~3 satoshi [1]
• Current market cap: ~$1,275 [1]
• Block rate (average): 1 minute [1] [3]
• Transaction rate: ~25? / last 24 hours; estimated $3-4 [4]
• Transaction limit: 70 / second [5]
• Transaction cost: 0 for most transactions [6]
• Rich list: ??? [7]
• Exchanges: Cryptsy [8]
• Processing method: Mining [10]
• Distribution method: proof-of-work block rewards and 1% premine for "bounties, giveaways & dev support" [2] [10]
• Community: Comatose [9]
• Code/development: ; there hasn't been a released code change in 10 months. The new developer has talked about some changes, but has not made a new release. He has given advice about how to keep the network running and operate the client. [10]
• Innovation or special feature: First officially licensed cryptocurrency (from Nyancat) [2]; "zombie"-coin [11]
Description / Community:
So you're probably wondering why in the world we're talking about a coin which has been declared dead and already written off. I actually first selected this coin to illustrate a "deadcoin", but the more I dug into it, the more I was amazed at the shambles I discovered. I am combining the description and community sections for this coin, because the community (or lack thereof) is the central issue for Nyancoin.
Substantially all, if not literally all, of the original infrastructure is gone. From the announcement post, the original website has expired. The site itself survives, but has no reference to the coin. The github repo remains, but then there was never much changed from the bitcoin/litecoin original. In fact, the COPYING file doesn't even list "Nyancoin Developers". None of the original nodes seem to be running anymore. @Nyan_Coin hasn't tweeted since July 6th. And that was just to announce posting an admittedly cute picture to facebook which makes a claim for a future which seems never to have developed. Of the original 15 pools, I think all are dead except p2pool, for which at least one node still supports NYAN. The original blockchain explorer,, is still running. The faucet is dead or broken. The original exchanges no longer list it (two of the three having died; SwissCEX having ended its trading as of the first of this year). And so forth.
And yet:

I'm not dead! I'm getting better!

No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment.
[Of course, that scene finishes with knocking out the "recovering" patient so he can be taken away...not to mention the absurdity of including Monty Python in a financial article, but moving right along.]
There is still just enough left to Nyancoin to keep it twitching, even if it is on life-support. Whether it's an individual node or whether it's a pool, there are blocks being produced at a steady rate as intended. Transactions are being processed. There is still a market. There is still a block explorer. And there is a dev. It is like a case study in the absolute minimum necessary to keep a coin alive. The most likely outcome is almost certainly a final collapse when one critical piece or another of the infrastructure goes away. And yet in the meantime, a person can own a million NYAN for $8 [12], and then move this coin quickly and easy, albeit with no particular external demand. It's like the world's most hyped testnet.
I think this case presents an interesting example of what happens to an altcoin when its initial support dries up. NYAN coin is more fortunate than some, actually, as there are some where there are no longer any nodes running it nor the original announcement thread (in fact, there was actually a second Nyancoin launched around the same time. But it died hard and its original announcement thread was deleted and at this point I would have no idea how to access it; so "Nyancoin" thus illustrates how hard a coin can die (Nyancoin 2) as well as how it can hang around despite being proclaimed dead, with far more justification behind that pronouncement than there has been for bitcoin (NYAN) ).
[2] Regarding the premine, it's unclear to me where this money is now, since the original poster hasn't been active on BCT since May and the original site is down. However, given that it's only 1%, and about $25 in value right now, there seem to be more significant concerns for NYAN.
[3] - Nyan blockchain explorer; blocks are somewhat inconsistent but somewhere around the 1 minute average
[4] There doesn't seem to be anything automatically doing these stats, so I did visual inspection on about 1500 blocks (about one day) excluding the block generation reward (~250k/day). Most blocks are otherwise empty. I counted about 24 transactions or so scrolling through, with an outlier around 300k NYAN and another around 100k NYAN. In total, about 500k NYAN, excluding the block rewards. This is very approximately $3-4.
[5] Nyancoin is a basically unmodified, slightly out-of-date bitcoin as far as code goes, and ignoring the change in block rate and total coin supply, as well as the difficulty retarget after every block. So for purposes of estimating maximum possible transaction throughput, I start with bitcoin's estimated 7 transactions per second, and multiply by 10 for having a block on average every minute rather than every 10 minutes. In any event, this limit is not likely to be reached in the foreseeable future.
[6] Like bitcoin, transaction fees appear to be optional in Nyancoin. Unlike bitcoin, there is almost no transaction volume, and coins tend to sit for a relatively long time before being moved. So zero-fee transactions appear to be the norm from looking at a couple transactions on the block explorer.
[7] I couldn't find one. See the disclosure section of this article: your humble correspondent is likely represented in some way on a top 100 if one were to be made or if one exists, despite not holding it directly, depending on how the exchange holds it.
[8] I could not find any other exchanges still listing Nyancoin. SwissCex appears to have disabled it as of a couple days ago. Cryptsy has a notice that the NYAN/BTC market will be closing, but its NYAN/LTC market appears strong.
[9] Essentially all of the original sites, pools, faucets, etc. are dead and there has been very little to replace it. There is basically a single node, or perhaps a very few, which are running the blockchain. However, there is a developer still trying to hold things together, maxvall_dev, maxvall on BCT. He is the last hope for the NYAN.
[10] This is the thread where maxvall took over as dev, and it also discusses switching to PoS, which hasn't happened as far as I know.
[11] "zombie"-coin: Not to be confused with ZMB (my god, does it ever end?). This is my term to describe a coin which is "undead": by rights it should be dead. And yet it's still walking around and acting like it's alive. What is it? What's going on? It's quite debatable whether this gives it any special value, but I find it an interesting state, and it's why this was chosen for early coverage. There are plenty of actually popular and successful coins, and we will go onto covering more normal selections; we're looking for variety rather than repetition. But I think this is an interesting example for what can go wrong, and yet in the midst of that, how little it takes for a coin to survive. In fact, it's almost like an alternate history bitcoin to me; this shows the concept that "it was run on one computer before; it can be run on one computer again" to some extent. And there are even some strange pragmatic benefits as well, like having no competition for getting a transaction into a block and thus zero transaction fees.
[12] And, in fact, the author chose to do so today, spending about 0.03 BTC for about 1 million NYAN.
Additional Reading
/nyancoins - Like NYAN: mostly dead, but not quite - new official website
BCT thread listing nodes, xpool (p2pool), for mining information.
americanpegasus predicting in February that NYAN will hit $1; always an entertaining read
Instead of a challenge today, since NYAN has enough challenges, I decided I would give away 10,000 NYAN to at least the first ten people who ask for it. This still remains at my discretion, but honestly, if you really want, say, 50,000 NYAN and create four new accounts to do so, I'll probably be too amused to say no. I don't expect to get ten requests. If I get more, I'll probably still fulfill them, but as with everything else, this is left to my whim.
Donations and Disclosure
Okay, this is an important one today because of the tiny market here. I actually hold less USD value in NYAN than in BTC, DOGE, and PPC (although my value in PPC might be about equivalent actually), but I hold more of the total market in NYAN than any of those three. And I'll probably be buying more. So I have a conflict of interest in writing this article.
I am not providing financial advice and I do not make any recommendations of any sort on any matters. Make your own decisions; do your own research. Please, I do not want to hear about anyone doing anything "on my advice." I am not offering advice.
I personally hold just over 1 million NYAN on Cryptsy right now.
Perhaps it would be better if I didn't write any articles about anything I were invested inspeculating on, but I started this series for my own education to further my speculation, so unfortunately, dear reader, your needs come second to my own. tanstaafl; you get what you pay for, and I'm giving you my thoughts.
If by some strange quirk of fate you actually own NYAN and enjoyed this article and wished to donate some to me, K7Ho9HghBF6xWwS6JsepE6RAEPyAXbsQCV is mine (first non-empty account I've posted; transferred 1000 NYAN into here earlier from Cryptsy to test that the network and my wallet were actually working).
Thank you all for reading and commenting! I've already learned a lot from this process and I look forward to more!
Upcoming coins:
• January 5th: Nxt
• January 6th: Darkcoin
• January 7th: Namecoin
I'll use alphabetic labeling for footnotes in the updates to avoid any confusion with the footnotes in the original. For simplicity, unchanged items, like the 337 million limit and the 1 minute will not be mentioned, and we'll start with the summary changes.
  • ~263.7 million NYAN currently exist [a]
  • Current price: ~7 satoshi [b]
  • Current market cap: ~$8,000 [c]
  • Transaction rate: ~185 / last 24 hours; ~3,300,000 NYAN (~$100) [d]
  • Exchanges: Cryptopia [e]
  • Community: We're not quite dead yet; in fact, I think we're getting better! [f]
  • Code/Development: I have an early draft of NYAN2, but I'm about six months past my initial goal for having it available to use. Life/work/lack of build machine/procrastination. NYAN2 will be a rebase onto a modern LTC codebase which will soft fork to fix a current vulnerability to a fork bug. For now, the network still runs on the same code that it did when I wrote the first article.
I'm going to consider the community first, since I pointed it out as the weakness and central topic in the last one, then talk about the technical situation briefly, and then review the financial results.
The community has been excellent, if I do say so myself. We've got working infrastructure going thanks to the contributions of many Nekonauts (see [f]). Some original Nekonauts have returned or at least popped in from time to time, and new ones like myself have found Nyancoin (I would say given what I wrote in the original, I was still a skeptic of it at that point. Not that skeptics can't be Nekonauts, but I think I'd put my conversion to the cult of nyan shortly after writing that, even though I was already a nillionaire then for the heck of it.)
While I do look forward to seeing the community continue to grow in future years and consider that important, I don't think the community is our weakest point any longer; I think it's now our strongest point. I've tried to encourage the community's revival as best I could, including giving away tens of nillions in total, and lots of long rambling articles on my views on ethics and philosophy and frankly it's worked better than I would've really expected (or at least it has coincided with an effective recovery of the community). The community also helped me through at least a couple hard times personally in there as well.
The technical situation in Nyancoin is mostly unchanged but slightly improved, although with two additional known vulnerabilities. It's unchanged in that it's the same client. It's improved in that we have an active nyanchain explorer host (, and we have a public draft of a plan for a soft forking security fix update in the near future (hopefully by the end of March (although I've slipped these deadlines before and may well miss March for release by a bit, I do think I'm inching closer now and then)).
The most serious vulnerability is to forking. This is the bug which hit Peercoin if I recall correctly. NYAN2 is intended to solve this through its soft fork from the LTC fix upstream (from the BTC fix upstream). In the meantime, we've been lucky we haven't been attacked. The tiny marketcap probably helps with not being a particularly attractive attack target. We're not exactly about to pay ransom to move faucet outputs. But that's no excuse; we want this fixed and should have it finally done "soon" (tm).
The less serious vulnerability is to a time warp attack in the difficulty function (Kimoto Gravity Well), which relates to general weaknesses it has and issues we've had with large gaps in the block chain because of spikes in the difficulty function causing it to be unprofitable and driving away most of the hash, and then low difficulty and price rise making it attractive to more hash, creating a spike and causing it again. While this is irritating, the chain still works, even if there are fits and starts at times. An important part of the reason I can get away with this is because there is at least one Nekonaut-supporting miner, CartmanSPC, who rescues us from time to time, and did so during the course of this article being written. We have a bunch of pools, but sometimes the hash just isn't there to get us unstuck when the difficulty goes high enough. Another part of the reason I consider it not an especially serious issue is because there's a workaround which works for me (classic bad developer logic): I use a large transaction fee (generally 337 NYAN, although I might have halved it after the most recent halving, I'll probably use 337 again) on my personal wallet by default. If necessary, I use a couple of them. It can make NYAN profitable to mine again despite the higher difficulty and "unstick" the chain. The difficulty function can go back down again in the next block if the gap has been long enough, so that can be enough to keep it going again for a while (although it can also get stuck again irritatingly fast at times). A fix for this will be putting in a better difficulty function for NYAN3, which will require a hard fork. This is tentatively scheduled for feature freeze around the middle of this year, coding to follow, activation sometime early 2017.
Financial has been our most disappointing performance. A graph of the 1 year performance right now on coinmarketcap looks pretty sad, showing our fall from a little over 60 satoshi down to around 7 satoshi now.
We rose too high, too fast, and I didn't stick with the safe high paying job like a sane person. Instead I hit the road, went to jail, and worked minimum wage. That doesn't sound like a sentence from a cryptocurrency financial review, does it? But the performance of NYAN since the article has been the story of my personal finances, which is the story of my life since then.
So, autobiographical coinaday interlude, trying to keep it generally to the most salient points. Well, in 2014 I had been on my way home to Minnesota from California when I was pulled over leaving Eureka, Nevada for speeding (got sloppy and went 45 approaching the 45 sign and thus technically still in the 35; bored cop seeing out-of-state plates). My vehicle reeked of weed, what with having been in Mendocino County previously with no intention of traveling out of the county much less state anytime soon but family emergency brought me back, and the end result was a citation for possession of cannabis and paraphernalia along with the speeding.
Fast forward to the beginning of 2015, I'm settled into a good software position and start looking more at cryptocurrency in my spare time. I write the coin-a-day series for a bit and then got annoyed and quit after a while when trying to do one a day on top of an actual job was too much for me (along with some annoyance over criticism; I can be rather thin-skinned at times). But I had gotten interested in Nyancoin, and started buying it up more and more with extra money I was making.
And then comes the crash. I had to stop putting as much in as I realized that where I was living and what I was working on wasn't going to work out for me and I needed to figure something else out. So, as I seem wont to do, I went on a roadtrip. I quit my job. And I went back for the court date for my citations and refused to pay, instead spending 10 days in jail rather than pay ~$1400 (I actually had the money in cash available to me if I chose to pay as a backup if I chickened out, but the judge annoyed me enough that I really preferred to be jailed instead of paying, as stupid as that sounds since I'm quite sure the judge didn't care in the least one way or another).
After that, I went back to roadtrip lifestyle for a while. It was a nice period. A lot of beautiful scenery; a lot of reading. Eventually, I busted up my car pretty badly...a couple times actually, the second time for good. Fast forwarding through the rest of the year, I worked a couple minimum wage jobs to pay bills and avoid cubicle life and kill some time until I figured out what I was going to do next. Just recently I quit as delivery boy after getting a speeding ticket (I swear, I'm not as horrible of a driver as this makes me sounds, although I have had a bad tendency to speed in the past, which I really have curbed to almost nothing; but I'm clearly not good enough) and am currently writing a Coin-a-Year article with a friend's incentive and applying to do documentation and development with the Nu project.
Okay, so what did any of that have to do with NYAN? Well, it's the mess of a life that has led to the fall of the price from 60 satoshi to 7 satoshi. If instead my life history for the time since the article had been simply "I was happily employed writing software", then I don't believe we would have dropped below 20 satoshi. It's easy to see in hindsight. If anyone can lend me a time machine, I'm sure I can get some condensed instructions which should improve performance significantly. Otherwise, just going to have more chalked up for the "character building" tally.
So, lessons learned if you are the major buy support for your coin: you need long-term reserves. Whatever you put in bids can be taken out in a moment by a dump for no apparent reason. This is particularly true if you may be quitting your cushy, high-paying job and wandering around without income for an extended period of time. Rather obvious, but hey, maybe someone else can learn from my mistakes. If I'd been bidding as cautiously as I am now from the beginning, I think the price would probably be somewhere from 10-20 satoshi now instead of around 7 satoshi.
It's especially unfortunate given that I wanted to be able to demonstrate the more consistent growth possible building a stable store of value, as opposed to the pump and dumps common in altcoins. And instead we had a pump-and-dump looking graph ourselves after I bid up higher than I was able to sustain, and a large (10+ nillion) instadump crashed the market all the way back down to 1 satoshi momentarily. We've had a few large (2+ nillion) dumps since, but nothing that large. We haven't generally had that large of bids though either.
It's hard to know when I've exhausted the supply at a price level, when it sometimes waits for a couple weeks or even more and then fills all the bids at once. But I want to maximize the minimum price paid because I think that's important for building confidence in a store of value long-term, which is one of my core goals for NYAN.
At the same time, we're still up from the lowest parts of the floor and where I found it. Since I own about 30% [g], the very cheapest supply has been taken off the market. I plan to keep on buying up "cheap NYAN" as much as I can. I've bought up to 60 satoshi before, I'll probably buy up that high this time around. I've got a token 100,000 NYAN ask at 300 satoshi; I hope never to sell lower.
Now I try to wrap it all together as if I saw this all coming and am the wise expert, despite having had about 90% drop in price in the last year after bidding too high. My original concept was taking the "minimum viable coin" and reviving it to a powerhouse as a textbook example in how to do it.
Part of my core concept in this is the arbitrariness of value: throughout history, humans have chosen any number of things as a store of value for the time: salt, large rocks, certain metals, disks, marked sticks, and so forth. While there has generally been a certain logic in the choice, in that there is a locally restricted supply in one way or another, and so forth, from the perspective of other centuries or cultures the choices can seem quite strange. Growing up, I was always struck by how strange the notion of salt being limited and valuable seemed in a world where people were trying to reduce intake and large amounts could be bought for trivial sums. And yet, a key nutrient necessary for life fundamentally makes more sense as being valuable than notched sticks or printed paper or a piece of plastic with some encoded information.
Humans have perpetually come up with stranger and stranger ways of storing and transferring value. Each new step, as always, comes with its own disadvantages and, frankly, has generally appeared nonsensical at best and fraudulent at worst to the status quo. Which doesn't mean that each new attempt is valuable. The gold bugs always like to point out that every fiat currency ultimately returns to its true value of zero. And the skeptics of cryptocurrency argue that all cryptocurrencies will eventually return to their true value of zero.
It's certainly possible. And it's possible the USD will hyperinflate someday. I tend to try the moderate view for a plausible guess of the future. By that type of logic, I would guess that over the course of decades, USD will in general lose value, and cryptocurrency will tend to slowly gain value. That might not seem the moderate view, but USD not losing value over decades would be truly shocking. And hyperinflation has been predicted since the USD went off the gold standard, or before. So some amount of inflation less than hyperinflation seems like the safe guess (but then, the Titanic arriving would also have seemed like the safe guess to me). And with cryptocurrency, I think it's clear by now the technology will continue to survive. So my first question is with what overall value as a market? It could go down, of course, but that seems unlikely in an already small, young market. Even if all the current crop die off and are replaced, whatever cryptocurrencies are around should be able to do better than a handful of billion in market cap in my view.
I believe that cryptocurrency has a bright future ahead of it. The best coins should ultimately survive and thrive. But I've been wrong on most of my major calls so far, like for instance when I thought BTC was over-priced around $5-$10.
I think Nyancoin can have an important role to play in the future of cryptocurrency in the years and decades to come, but it's a massively speculative long-shot. See also Nyancoin risks document. But like Linus Torvalds' autobiography, I try to keep "Just for Fun" as a core motto and principle. It's makes for a good hobby project because there will always be more to work on, with a core community motto of
Disclaimers / Sponsorship:
As I said before:
I am not providing financial advice and I do not make any recommendations of any sort on any matters. Make your own decisions; do your own research. Please, I do not want to hear about anyone doing anything "on my advice." I am not offering advice.
And I'll reiterate that I own about 30% [g] of the current supply of NYAN, which makes me by definition maximally biased.
Also, I'm not sure what's up with the address from the first post. It doesn't show up in my current wallet as a recognized address. So, anyhow, don't send there. :-) If you'd like to donate, please consider sponsoring a coin-a-day or coin-a-week article.
This is the first sponsored article. This Coin-a-Year article has been brought to you by spydud22 's generous patronage. I'd been meaning to do a Coin-a-Week article on Nyancoin for a while, but between wanting to "wait until the price recovered a bit" and general procrastination, then it seemed like it would make a good Coin-a-Year article, and then I wanted to wait until the price recovered a bit more...anyhow, so thank you spydud22, for causing me to finally do this. :-)
  • [a] ; as of block 1091430, 263738786.71890615 NYAN outstanding. This is slightly over 50% more than the last report, which is what we would expect, since it had existed for about a year then, and has approximately annual halvings. The first year generated about 50% of total supply; the second year generated about 25% of total supply. We should expect in a year to have about 17% (one-sixth) more than we have now.
  • [b] ; this is the only market reflected in coinmarketcap and it is the primary one on which I trade. Cryptopia also has other base pairs which operate at significantly higher spreads (lower bids; higher asks) and have minimal volume. In the time since the last report, NYAN has traded as high as 60 satoshi (and briefly a little higher at times), but over the last almost twelve months since a peak about a year ago, the price has been generally declining overall, as a gross oversimplification of a lot of movements. This has been an effect of me not being able to keep buying as much and there being large dumps I wasn't expecting from time-to-time. Now I'm taking the approach of building large (one or more nillion (million NYAN)) bids on each price as I slowly work my way back up again in order to be able to handle possible dumps with less price shock.
  • [c] ; as noted in [b], this only reflects the /BTC basepair on Cryptopia but that's where most of the volume is anyhow. Of course, the market is also not particularly liquid since I'm the primary buyer and have rather limited means currently.
  • [d] I haven't setup a script to count this yet, among many things on my to-do list for someday, so I went through by hand from what was the then-latest block of 1091430 on back to 1089766 which was the first block generated less than 24 hours before. There was actually a three and a half hour block gap at that point, such that the next prior block was about 24 hours and 15 minutes before 1091430 while 1089766 was only about 20 hours and 45 minutes prior, and has a disproportionate number of transactions and value compared to a typical block (8 and ~313,000 NYAN respectively) from the build-up during the gap. But since that gap conveniently started right about at the start of the 24 hour period, doesn't really skew our results here.
Note that there are often times where the UTXO created during one transaction during the day is spent during a later transaction in the day. This can be considered the "same" Nyancoin being "spent" twice in the same day in our total. But in practice, I believe what's happening here is the faucet is breaking off small (10-50 NYAN) pieces from a larger (~40,000 NYAN) chunk, and so that pops up a bunch of times. So the total NYAN blockchain volume as counted for this topline number should not be interpreted as "NYAN spent in the day" but "NYAN moved on the chain", where the "same coin" can move many times. So it's a very easily gamed metric and not a strong / resistant metric like the market price tends to be (at least relatively speaking), but it's a fun number to calculate and provides a little bit of information.
The transaction count can also be easily inflated and certainly, for instance, having the faucet does generate transactions which are a very common transaction.
And this is also just an arbitrary 24 hour period compared to a previous arbitrary 24 hour period. Nonetheless, I do think there's clearly a bit more activity on the Nyanchain, even though the typical block is still empty and the number of transactions and volume is still tiny compared to the major cryptocurrencies.
Here's an arbitrary example of the faucet transactions Note the zero transaction fee, which I love that the miners support (the defaults are all quite low as well).
Here's an example of what may be the smallest transaction by NYAN volume of the day; but no, I followed its small, spent output, and it led to this gem which also links to this. I have no idea what's going on here, but it's hilarious and I love it. How's that for microtransaction support? :-)
  • [e] Obviously Cryptsy went down. We had had more than enough red flags with Cryptsy (including one time where I was able to withdraw 6 nillion more than I had in my balance) and got onto Cryptopia. spydud22 basically accomplished that for us, although I helped out in the tail end of the campaigning.
  • [f] Our community is still small (I wish there were literally dozens of us!) but we've had valuable activity from multiple people, including, just as highlights, vmp32k who hosts, a clone of the original, jwflame who created the excellent intro site, with the awesome status page (which currently notes that "the last 500 blocks actually took 111 minutes, which is approaching the speed of light, causing the universe to become unstable"), KojoSlayer who runs the faucet and dice, spydud22 who got us on Cryptopia, and many other Nekonauts have made worthy contributions, and the Nekonauts mentioned have done more than just that listed. So while we are small, we are active at least from time to time and technically capable.
Even though our posting rate is still around 1 post a day or so on average, and so still a relatively quiet subreddit (and it is our main (only?) hub), it's still a very noticeable and significant difference from how /nyancoins looked when I was reviewing it for the original piece here. Here's an attempt to approximate what was there using Reddit search ; has a snapshot on January 19th, 2015, which is well into the early revival mania and one from August 14th, 2014, before four and a half months of little to no activity. Apparently unsubscribed to /nyancoins in that interval itself...
  • [g] Maybe up to around 35% by now; maybe still around 30%. I haven't updated hodling report lately; it was 30% last time I recall, but I've bought more and more has been made since.
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My crypto story so far / How Doge taught me about Reddit

Hello! New Shibe and new Redditor here. I haven't seen any, so I apologize if new shibe introductions are out of style. I thought I'd try my luck anyway.
I'm just getting started and I've only been using Dogecoin and Reddit for a couple of days. Here's my story; It ended up getting a little bit long, so there is a TLDR section at the end.
I heard about Bitcoin right when it was first created. I wrote it off initially, but I started heating about it again around 2013 and decided to finally acquire some, just to see if it was my cup of tea. After many hours on not-totally-reputable-looking faucets and bonus programs I amassed a grand total of about $0.30 worth of BTC. I ran a few test transactions with my friends...and then pretty much forgot all about it after about 3 days. Time passed...Now it is 2014 and BTC is suddenly at $2000 each! Now I've got $30! Neat! Suddenly I care again! I started downloading podcasts, watching tickers constantly, and getting really smug...And then a few days later the price dropped and I forgot all about them again. I was never able to do anything with them, in the end.
Fast forward to now, minus 1 week. Recent world events have made me get the feeling that BTC might go up again, so I decided to check the ol' wallet. I started up the wallet program and it showed I still had a balance of around $1.50. The blockchain started syncing the two years I had been gone. I knew it was going to take a while, but I thought "Tight!, I have some time to go check up on the BTC scene, see who's still breathing while this syncs up. Before that though, I remember my friend told me about Dogecoin about a year ago. Bitcoin seems pretty dead, so I bet that it is even more dead than that. Could be good for a laugh. It has been a while since I saw a Doge meme picture anyway."
I Googled it and landed on It was still a really professional looking site, nice interface, all the links were still active, and there was wallet programs available for tons of platforms. That probably seems normal to people here, but I was at least slightly impressed. I found the link to Reddit in the Community section and decided to check it out. The website claimed that the community was the best part. I didn't believe that could be true; I've seen crypto-currency forums before. When I got to /dogecoin, though, I was even more surprised. New posts! Funny posts! Friendly posts! Pens!
Now, for one reason or another I have not really ever interacted with Reddit before. I knew it was some sort of link sharing thing, but never really used it. Seeing the friendly /dogecoin community made me want to learn more about it. I watched some youtube videos and I learned that it can be set up to aggregate news and all sorts of interesting content and could replace some wannabe apps that I've been using on my phone. A nice upgrade.
Then my wallet finishes syncing the blockchain.....Surprise! All of your Bitcoins have been stolen! Sent away to some mystery address. Recently too. Just a few months ago in 2015. Just some random day that I was using my computer. I haven't had any other transactions since 2013.
I had an encrypted backup of my wallet. I had only barest minimum of coins. It was an offline wallet and I didn't ever disclose my private keys to anyone. I thought I was safe. What I never did get around to though, was actually encrypting the active wallet file. Oops.
I'll probably never know what really happened. Maybe it was a direct intrusion, maybe the private keys were tainted from the start (I did generate them using a website), who knows. It was certainly discouraging realizing that a person (directly or indirectly) would go through any amount of effort to steal something of such little value, though. It almost put me off the idea of crypto entirely. I counted my blessings that nothing serious had been taken (as far as I know right now, at least). I updated my antivirus, checked all my other accounts for strange behavior, deleted my wallet and backups, and decided to move on.
I had gained Reddit in the process at least. I started checking it daily. Every time I did, I thought of /Dogecoin and checked it too. I kept seeing people being fun and nice: Giveaways, sales, jokes, tips. I was reminded of all the big fundraiser events. I checked out the development Github and kept getting more and more interested. I looked up other Altcoins on Reddit and saw them talking about controversies, prices, algorithms, hardware...Maybe there is something to Doge? Eventually I couldn't stop thinking about it, downloaded Multidoge and started getting a hold of some coins (being a little more careful this time). I've been soaking up the faucets, using Bitcoin Rain, and I've built up my wallet to a whopping ~120 Ð.
And that's it!
Moral + TLDR: 1. I thought crypto theft couldn't happen to me. It did. Take steps to make sure your coins are protected, whatever flavor. Even coin dust isn't immune. I'm trying to do better with my new Doge.
  1. /Dogecoin seems like a nice place and enticed me to not give up on crypto just yet. I look forward to the day when I can get away from the shady faucet scene, and to the day when I can actually do something with my coins.
  2. I'll always have Reddit, thanks to Dogecoin.
Thanks for reading, and stay cool shibes! =D
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  3. 13 points: nyantip's comment in This is nyantip again. Do I need to submit a link to get karma? As usual, upvote me and post for a tip!
  4. 13 points: nyantip's comment in This is nyantip again. Do I need to submit a link to get karma? As usual, upvote me and post for a tip!
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Leadership & Decentralization

This post is sparked by a conversation with buurp on NYAN risks and general NYAN topics. It's worth a read I think. The particular topic I'm picking out for this post is essentially the question of whether a project with a goal of decentralization should have leaders. I'm also going to do a post about the conflict and harmony between the goals of stability and growth in the price of NYAN.
I've spoken somewhat on this topic before, but it's worth revisiting important ideas from time to time. Hopefully I can get clearer each time or at least have a slightly different perspective which might be helpful. And, of course, I write so damn much it can be hard to keep track of it all, so it's often easier to write again rather than track down the older stuff. :-)
So, to begin, let me address the mindset which I've seen so much in Bitcoin. They seem to think that they don't have leaders, or shouldn't have leaders, and that a leaderless cryptocurrency is both possible and desirable. To me, this is such obvious nonsense that I have a hard time knowing where to start in refuting it.
First off, the notion of simply not having leaders is just impossible. Unless everyone simultaneously comes up with every idea, or there are simply no new ideas ever, someone will propose an idea to other people. That's leadership. How would any technical development happen without any leadership? Are the coders to simply code randomly? Whether they come up with ideas themselves, in which case they are providing technical leadership along with code, or they implement the ideas of others, in which case whoever originates the idea is providing technical leadership, any intelligent (non proverbial monkeys at keyboards) development inherently requires leadership.
But even if it were possible, it's clearly not a good thing. For the most blatantly obvious example, where would Bitcoin have been without Satoshi? Nonexistent. That's not an improvement unless you really hate cryptocurrency.
So, when what they explicitly say is incoherent and impossible, what could they possibly mean?
I think they probably are making a "throw the baby out with the bathwater" type of reaction to the notion of overbearing, authoritarian leadership. They are conflating coercion with leadership: "you must do this because I will kill you or imprison you otherwise" with "I suggest that you do this".
If people want to wander alone in the wilderness, that's fine. But solving complex problems takes leadership. Doing anything other than simply limping along with the status quo requires leadership.
And so, instead of good leadership, what we have in Bitcoin are leaders who refuse to admit they are leaders or that such a position comes with any responsibility. They refuse accountability and troll rather than engaging those who disagree with them in a positive and constructive manner.
The question is not whether or not to have leaders. The question is what type of leaders we will have and who they will be.
So if leadership is inevitable, how does leadership and decentralization co-exist? To me, the answer is again rather obvious: multiple leaders.
Let's back up for a moment and consider what decentralization means and why we want it. To me at least, it's not about a bunch of people pulling in opposite directions. It's about redundancy to ensure survivability. In other words, decentralization is a tool to deliver the goal of reliability. For that to be the case, the redundant elements should be consistent, not divergent: as much as possible, we would want to be able to swap in and out without problems.
Now let's note another obvious fact: NYAN is not decentralized currently in its most important elements. Our communications are primarily through this single subreddit. That term itself contains the fact that we are based on Reddit. If Reddit were to poof out of existence, we would have significant problems. The market is supported in large part by my buying power. The hashing power has been concentrated in a single pool usually. We have a single official client. And the vision and "core leadership" has generally been provided by yours truly.
Do we value decentralization as an ideal? Yes, I think we do. But there are many things we value which we have not yet obtained. We want a larger, even more active community. We want many technical improvements and updates. We want more financial power. And so on.
So how do we work towards decentralization in leadership? Well, what I have done is to talk about what I'm trying to do, and take a "build it and they will come" attitude. It's been a leap of faith. But I think it's worked pretty well, though of course I've had hopes that we would have gone further faster. I like to think we're slowly building a strong base. To return to my recurring fire metaphor: we have a good, strong stone fire ring built up, and we have a relatively small but strong base of embers. We don't have a lot of fuel but we're putting on what we have and we're sustaining. We continue to build both the ring and to gather more fuel and feed the fire.
In more direct terms: we have a lot more people here now than when I started. And a relatively high proportion of people who have gotten involved in NYAN have become technical leaders. I think we're probably one of the best cryptocurrencies in that regard. If we want to look at leadership and decentralization, in the technical dimension I think we're actually decent: we've got a developer running an explorer, another leader with a good, informative starting point site, another running a tipbot, and another who has run a faucet and dice site. And we've had others too. The skillsets are such that one could replace another as needed. In no way are we dependent upon a single person, even though our apparent bus factor is one in all of those cases.
And financially, while I am still the leading single buyer I believe, and it's hard to claim that it's a lot stronger now than at the start of the revival because of how strongly americanpegasus was bidding at first, still I think there has been good progress. I'm certainly not the only nillionaire and there are other buyers out there. While the price would suffer if I were gone, I'd like to think it would still be better than the "first floor" (the crashed level in the second half of 2014).
The biggest place where I think we could absolutely use more leadership is in the community itself. While we certainly have a base of Nekonauts who are active here and comment, as well as making technical posts, I'd love to see more posts by more people talking about the future of NYAN in general, or how their lives are going, or anything else! I've been thinking about doing a [meta] post about "Your stories needed!" My "misadventures of coinaday" posts have been a surprisingly popular element here and I think have helped to build community. I'd originally started them simply to explain why sometimes I wasn't able to make as much progress as I'd intended, but people have seemed to enjoy them for their own sake, and I've found it's really fun to have an outlet to talk about my struggles and successes in life with a supportive audience. I really encourage others to try it out as well!
The more leadership, the better! We want a strong, tight-knit community to weather the inevitable storms the future will hold and to maximize the opportunities as well. And the more leadership we have, the more we will build our decentralization as well. I want to be important to NYAN, but at the same time, I want to be able to "disappear" for long periods if I must without the coin suffering. That takes redundancy in leadership which doesn't currently exist. I want to be an elder statesman ultimately: respected and influential in long-term vision, but unnecessary in "daily" (short-term) operations.
So if you value decentralization, you're absolutely invited to take (or grow) your place as a community leader!
The more the merrier!
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Blackcoin Q4 2014 Survey Results, answers to the suggestions and other information.

Hello everyone,
Late last year we did the Q4 - 2014 Survey. You can view the results here.
I should mention that the Q1 - 2015 Survey will be following shortly. Please use the suggestions, they really help. Also, we will be having a separate Blackcoin product feedback survey as well.
The statistics were very interesting to see. We also have learned a lot about the community and what to focus on in terms of what the community needs and wants in this last survey.
After studying the results, we have came up with a few conclusions and I will like to list what we have / will be doing to improve everything. I hope this provides insight on where we are with everything so far.
Please respond below with how else we can improve.
Obviously, we need to push for more community involvement and show others that we are the best option for digital currencies out there. This can be done through more awareness and visibility on the websites where everyone is. We will be doing research into where exactly everyone is and how we can tap into these areas inside and outside of the digital currency scene.
The only obvious way is to increase incentive. If anyone remembers of our last staking promotion, we are planning on creating a bot that will constantly feed the blockchain with Blackcoin to give a higher reward and promote better distribution. This is entirely voluntary and we aim to have it as a sort of automatic faucet that everyone who stakes will be a part of.
We need to give incentive for those lurking to come out of the wood work and provide their own comments and feedback. This can be done through community building activities. Everyone is welcome here, don't be shy.
This obviously will change over time. We are planning on talking to merchants and having a different merchant per week do a sale specifically for Blackcoin users.
Android support is now here! Not only that, blackcoinj is now here! iOS is a bit more difficult as the likelyhood of it not being allowed is a real possibility. This is mainly because Apple specifically only allows for Bitcoin applications.
This will come in time after more liquidity comes our way. We do actively speak and chat with all large exchanges and maintain healthy relationships. Hopefully we can secure USD markets soon.
PR is an ever constant battle. There has been many leads and articles that have been done that never been published. It gets to the point of it being really frustrating as 70% of your energy dissipates into nothing. However, we don't ever stop with the PR.
This is something I have had on my books for a while now, been wanting to do this for a while. For now, we now have the Weekly Digest here on Reddit but we wish to expand this further into a weekly newsletter that will be available through Reddit and your e-mail.
This is something that we also want to do. We need more community ambassadors, most have been recognised and are helping us in every way possible.
This is absolutely needed. We will be adding a section on with a list of everything that the community has worked on, with appropriate links linking everyone to those projects. It is hard to keep up with everything these days.
Being more user friendly is always a constant battle towards simplicity. Now that the technology is maturing, you can see that others have started on making everything more user friendly. Also, more technology is being worked on to make the process simpler. For example, with BitHalo we now have templates which will guide anyone into creating an easy contract.
What I would love is for a solution for easily buying Blackcoin. There is digital currency retailers such as ExpressCoin, Anycoin Direct, and but it would be better if we had an easy 1, 2, 3 option as well and Blackcoin centered.
I have seen this suggested many times. I have also attempted this multiple times, finely plotting everything out. However, getting information from individuals and companies can be difficult. So with that, since everything is basically "It will be ready when it is ready", it is proving difficult to create an accurate roadmap to satisfy everyone.
So with that, since all development is out of foundation's hands we are leaving it to individuals to provide their own roadmaps if they so choose. We will however provide as much information as we can about each project and get it all in 1 place on
Blackcoin is not just 1 centralised team as is the case with other coins where they have to provide roadmaps that the core team is working on. We are beyond that. We have real teams, companies, and individuals working on this coin outside of the core.
Thanks for reading, please leave your opinions, questions, comments below.
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One of the reasons why the price of Bitcoin is the least exciting thing about it.

I started off with Bitcoin like most people here. I got in at around $250, got very excited when the price skyrocketed, kept buying and saying “to the moon!”, and then watched it crash and rise, ad nauseum. At one point, the whole rollercoaster was getting frustrating and watching the price go up and down made me feel helpless. I started to ask myself “Am I really watching a revolution, or am I just being taken for a ride?”
So sometime in January of 2014, I, along with a few other like-minded friends decided that instead of just riding the rollercoaster, maybe we should start working on making it a better ride for us. Instead of focusing on just the surface of this amazing technology (the price), why don't we actually get off our asses and do something that will contribute to its growth. So we did, and started our own Bitcoin startup company . We put in our time, effort, and resources into a productive endeavor that would hopefully produce tangible results.
In a span of three months from when we had become fully operational in May 2014 up to August 2014 today, we had conceived, planned, implemented, and successfully built a total of SIX different Bitcoin ventures. A Bitcoin payment processor, a Bitcoin remittance platform, a Bitcoin order-book exchange, a Bitcoin Social Media Faucet, a Prepaid Bitcoin card service, and a Bitcoin Bills payment service. And we are not stopping there.
We watched ourselves outgrow our little startup office from four dudes who love Bitcoin to a rock-solid team of twenty-two of the most talented individuals you could find on this side of the pacific. Imagine that? Twenty-two people, some even giving up better paying jobs with more security, working full-time on something like Bitcoin? Yet here we are. Bitcoin is now more exciting to us than ever, more than any bull rally or positive news. We live and breathe it and are constantly thinking of ways to help it grow.
The best part is that we are definitely not the only ones. Other talented individuals from all over the world are working every single day on applications that will make it more useful for everyone. Now THAT is exciting. This is the stuff that matters. This is why Bitcoin will succeed.
So whenever you’re getting tired of the ups and downs of the price of Bitcoin, just think that somewhere in the world, at any given moment whether the price is up or down, there are people working non-stop, making sacrifices, investing valuable resources and time, and doing their damn best to make Bitcoin succeed.
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Darksend+ review update - feedback requested.

tl;dr version: I wrote a paper about Darksend+, and would like to wrap up the crowd-funded review effort in a week or so with a light code review. What do you think?
Hey Darkcoiners,
I want to update you about the progress of my crowdfunded efforts, and solicit your feedback.
First, I wish to thank you. I really appreciate not only the many individuals who donated to crowdfund my Darksend+ review, but also those who facilitated the effort. Evan was diligent about answering my questions, and sending over new versions of the code as he updated it. Many others sent testnet coins to use, and volunteered computing resources for testnet masternodes and Darksend+ peers just to facilitate my research. As a researcher, this is exactly the kind of helpfulness that you want to see.
I posted a link soliciting donations 1 month ago, and have been focusing almost solely on the review since. We certainly experienced some delays in the process -- bugs in Darksend+ that required several updates to iron out, and frequently changing code. One day the Darkcoin testnet faucet went down, with the operator unfortunately stuck in the hospital and unable to reset it. The first part of the month I familiarized myself with the Darkcoin codebase, but after some of these challenges came up, one after another, I changed gears. C++ code is complex, and all the more when you are unable to compare it to runtime behavior.
While pinging Evan with questions about Darksend+ and reviewing the codebase, I realized that there wasn’t any great documentation out there about Darksend+’s specific design decisions. This is a general challenge in the altcoin space -- there are few people who really understand the technology, and they’re usually the developers who are too busy writing code to really explain the technology in detail to the public. While waiting for some of the bugs to be ironed out, I decided to dedicate my time to documenting the design of Darksend+ and identifying various strengths and weaknesses. I also really wanted to produce something that could be understood by your average programmer, and not something stuffy only accessible to crypto-currency savants. The product of that effort is my paper, published here. So far feedback from the Darkcoin community and even other circles has been very positive.
I think this paper provides not only a thorough approach to understanding the challenges of Darksend+, but also a kind of roadmap for improvements in the future. Based on Evan’s response to the publishing of the paper, I am confident that Evan has carefully reviewed the findings, and is working dilegently to produce the best improvements to the project he possibly can. I can't say how much of these findings may be new to Evan and how much he has already considered. Regardless, the community at large will have an even better opportunity to query the development team with informed questions, and to educate newcomers about the crypto-currency. Making Darksend+’s design clear to all may even facilitate privacy improvements in other currencies, such as CoinJoin implementations in Bitcoin. I think this was a really productive use of the time gifted to me through people’s donations.
Let us now speak of the code review: A tricky matter of the code is that it is still in a state of frequent flux. Even an extremely thorough review of the code may be invalidated a week later, with new Release Candidate versions coming out on a frequent basis. Keep in mind that Darkcoin is less than a year old, which is pretty young in comparison to something like Bitcoin, and implies a rapid development cycle.
As far as my funding goes, I was set to spend even more time than I already have based on the initial quantity donated. However, I made a rookie mistake of keeping those funds in DRK form when I do need them to pay bills, and the DRK price has taken some significant hits since then, from around $6/DRK to below $3/DRK. (Bitcoin hasn’t been much better off, either.) In retrospect, I ought to have slowly liquidated half or greater of the funds right away -- my apologies, but this scenario simply hadn’t come up in my prior experience. In case you are wondering, I really have been keeping my expenditures as low as possible during this time to milk people's donations -- no vacations or expensive dinners. :-)
Given the limited funding levels I have to work with right now, and the limitations surrounding a thorough review of the code, I propose that I complete this review process with an abbreviated code review. I’ll focus on major opportunities for vulnerabilities -- no major vulnerabilities have been identified so far, by the way -- and wrap things up in a week or so. That said, I realized that this review process was initially pitched as a “code review,” so I want to first check in with the donators who have crowd-funded the effort. How do people feel about this plan of attack? Do people feel like they have received their money’s worth out of this review process?
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Battlecoin [BCX]: a new (and ambitious) game changer in the world of cryptocurrency - Interview with JackofAll

"When it gets too hard for mortals to generate 50BTC, new users could get some coins to play with right away." - Satoshi Nakamoto, 2010
Time goes faster when one talks about IT but, when talking about cryptocurrencies, time goes faster yet.
How long have passed since we’ve heard of mythic characters from the beginning of cypherpunk era – like John Gilmore, Eric Hughes and Tim May – and those from the early days of digital currency of Wei Dai, Satoshi Nakamoto (real or not, it doesn't matter) and others, passing by the current Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies whales – that now are experts or well established entrepreneurs – to us, the Fourth Generation?
Twenty-two years.
However, if we consider that the real deal has only begun on 2009 with Satoshi’s Genesis Block, then the perspective of the quantic leaps we are giving become clearer.
2009 - Satoshi Nakamoto deployed tools and strategy to people regain control
2011 - FPGA Bitcoin Miners appear. Regular GPU miners start to struggle more and more for Bitcoins
2013 - ASIC miners enters the market, and an official Bitcoin mining industry arises, taking small miners – regular people – completely out of the Bitcoin mines, forcing them to mine – and to create – many different altcoins with many different purposes.
2014 - Now, five years after Bitcoin Golden Dawn and almost four years after the white ninja Satoshi’s disappearance, another cryptowarrior arises on battlefield to give (hash) power back to the people.
Was Satoshi foreseeing what was about to come? However, this time, not so philanthropically…
Meet JackofAll, Head Developer of Battlecoin [BCX].
Andre Torres: Jack, are you there?
JackofAll: Yes.
AT: Thanks for talking to and also to (in Portuguese and Spanish). Shall we begin?
JoA: Yes.
AT: With the ASIC TH/s mining hardware invading Bitcoin mining pools as FPGA once did - and are about to do again, this time in Litecoin mines - common people are getting more and more trouble to mine big cryptocurrencies and have ROI.
The cryptomines, crowded with dead and injured miners, have become - literally - a battlefield.
Now is my question, why the name Battlecoin?
JoA: Battle coin is by design of course. Just like everything that we do. And yes, it is for the reasons that you might think. It has become a "Battle” out there to get coins made, to get coins listed and just to be able to mine against the early guys that have all the hardware. So I came up with the name Battlecoin rather solidify what we are doing. We are battling for hashpower and BCX will give the opportunity for anyone (with enough battlecoins) be able to have control of a comparable amount of hashpower that the elite crypto whales have.
We also have a little controversy that surrounds us, as some people would say that we are waging war on altcoins by the nature of what we are doing. People will Battle it out to keep control of our hashpower. It could possibly lock some of the weaker coins ...for instance if we are paid to switch to a coin with low difficulty or one that has low network support on average and we are paid to drive the difficulty up .
There are several things that could happen to some coins... Bad things they might not react how the developers have intended. We might fork coins or even lock coins up when our pool stops mining. So not everyone will like us. So here again another battle to try to walk a public relations line. So in short, I would say that Battlecoin represents all of the battles we have gone through and the many more we have in front of us.
We also have other app ideas that would complement the Battlecoin Brand.
AT: Nice :)
Do you watch anime/read manga, Naruto, more specifically? I mean, Battlecoin project is like an army that will, more than just fight, direct the ways of the wars by influencing/disrupting the market by its own will or by contract?
JoA: Actually I do not, as my schedule does not permit such luxury... but my sister does and as a matter of fact she is a very good cartoon artist and most of her subjects are anime. But relation to any specific object or character is purely coincidental.
I will check it out now though =)
AT: I did that relation to Naruto because there is an organization called Akatsuki, and when you replied my first question, it immediately reminded me of them.
JoA: Nice.
AT: However, you did not reply my previous comment... but then I've got the idea correctly... or not?
JoA: Ask the question again and I will try to sum it up… (Jack remembers the question) “Battlecoin project is like an army that will, more than just fight, to direct the ways of the wars by influencing/disrupting the market by its own will or by contract?”
Yes exactly. It will do all of the above it will have a big influence in the market.
AT: I was just thinking about that.
JoA: Yes that is why such a controversy. There are people that don’t want to see this happen but I feel it is part of altcoin evolution.
AT: indeed. It’s like a new powerful ninja/warrior coming into the game, not seen since Satoshi's era.
JoA: Yes... You Get it.
AT: What about competitors? Is there anyone on the same level?
JoA: No. Not really. We are the only ones that I know of that is taking the multipool to this level. They have the hashpower but they do not let the public decide where to put it. They just follow an algorithm that directs to "most profitable" coin. We will give that, plus add some human power to the equation. As far as I know, we are the only one that is working on having a voting system that controls it.
Giving it that human element that other concepts lack.
AT: But it needs more than a swallow to make a summer... You do have some other strong companions, don't you? Also, you talk as "we".
Are there other Generals in Battlecoin army? Who are they?
JoA: Well, it was originally my concept but I could not embark on this project alone. I have one partner that is above the board Mr. Big. We Kind of met through a mutual acquaintance and formed a solid partnership. Mr. Big has several projects that I am not sure of what I have liberty to discuss but I do know one of those projects will be to provide hosting services and as I said before we are working on some application ideas that are still in concept.
I also have a private backer that would like to remain nameless. In addition, I have a few consultants that I work with too and I consider them a part of the team of course.
Our team is growing daily... and you have to remember this is a project that involves the community, so in my eyes they are part of US too.
AT: Yes... or all the strategy developed might go to the floor, since the project will require a LOT of hashpower...
JoA: I am hoping to have camaraderie developed and rivals be formed over this concept. I want people to be talking in War rooms about what coin they want to hit... Strategy for pump and dump coins, etc.
Yes, it will require a lot of hashpower and I hope that people will want to give us that hashpower, because they will get paid top $$ for that.
We won’t be making the revenue from the battlecoins that get spent... That money will be split between the miners in our pool as subsidy to make sure that they continue to make as much or more than they could make mining anywhere else.
AT: Now that the strategy has been covered and we are entering more into the battlefield grounds, when will the battles begin?
JoA: I cannot confirm a release date for Phase 3, which includes the "arena", but Phase 1 Will be open to the public on this Friday 9 minutes after 9 pm. The wallets will be linked on our website first then we will post on BCT and then we will have a Big giveaway starting shortly after to kick it all off.
I will also provide a mirror on Google drive. We should have a Block crawler and a faucet too, if all goes well.
AT: That sounds great. Andre Torres: So, during Phase 1, you will gather your ranks that will battle when Phase 3 starts... On what consists Phase 2?
JoA: Phase 2 will be where we determine the market value of a Battlecoin. It will need to be listed on an exchange to determine the FMV of the coin. We originally were going to dictate the price on our own exchange but we feel like to keep with the nature of crypto it would be best to let the free market decide. We have been in touch with a couple of exchanges that have interest in our idea as ours is one that would form a close relationship and provide an elevated amount of trade volume with the exchange that carries our brand .
AT: Battlecoin already have an exchange of preference? On the other hand, perhaps some exchange have already manifested interest on trading BCX with exclusivity?
JoA: I wish to decline to answer as negotiations are still going on.
AT: A wise decision. (laughs)
AT: Now, from the battlefield to the weapons of combat... could you talk a bit about the mechanics of Battlecoin?
JoA: It is pretty straightforward. We did a small pre-mine to make sure we had enough coin for the 3rd phase. And we are doing a small bonus block mine in the beginning to give all of our supporters plenty of Battlecoin to play with for the phase 3 open. And then from there it is a solid 50 coins a block every 2min we should find a block...
Difficulty adjusts every block with a 10-block look back. I think this will provide a very smooth operating coin providing plenty of coin to the market for the use of our services.
There will be a proof of stake 1% every 10 days with maturity of 20 days. This is to reward the users for holding our coin so they will have plenty to use when the time comes.
AT: As we finish this interview, any other comments you might like to add?
JoA: I think we have covered quite a bit and we have much more to come in the future. I appreciate all of your time and hard work!
AT: Me too. I am very glad of this talk and for having the opportunity of talking beforehand with the mastermind of a project than can be a huge game changer on cryptocurrency world.
JoA: Yes, it is nice to be able to talk directly to the people that make it happen. I wish I had back in the day... lol. The advantage and tools that the newcomers have…
AT: Let us make new days :)
This interview was made on 01-07-13, on #CryptoNerd mIRC channel. Portuguese and Spanish versions are available on
BCX refers to BattleCoinEXchange. It is not related in any form to BitcoinEXpress.
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