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waaaaaaaa!!! estaba muy nerviosa cuando prendi la tv y vi este desastre que paso en japon!!! ya que la mayoria de idols que me gustan (o nos gustan) viven aya!!! pero gracias a "Kyon no yuutsu" me alivie un poco con la informacion que recibio de twitter y facebook hemos podido saber de los que estan bien y los que estan heridos por descracia tambien hay persona las cuales no han notificado aun ... callback( { "result":{ "query":":facetid:stream:streams\"/\"journals\"/\"ieicetd", "status":{ "@code":"200", "text":"OK" }, "time":{ "@unit":"msecs", "text":"185.72 ... Room S4 Bldg.14 1422 [Supramolecular Structures and Nanoassemblies of Organic molecules and Organic-Inorganic Hybrids] Monday, March 30, AM 4S4-01 Special Program Lecture Overview (Fac. of Eng, Sojo Univ.) SHINKAI, Seiji Chair: FUJITA, Makoto (09:40-10:40) Teppei Koike and Yuta Hiraoka were 6th and 7th, respectively. Lastly, there was a three-way tie for 8th among Masaharu Fukuyama , Jin Akanishi , and Ryo Nishikido . Fukuyama was the only one in the top ten who is in his thirties. Takashi Hiraoka Head of Payment Business Promotion Office Bank of the Ryukyus, Ltd. Takahiro Hirasawa ... Satoshi Noguchi President and CEO Robot Fund. Yukiyoshi Noguchi Director, Planning Office, Logistics Policy Division, Policy Bureau MLIT(Ministry of Land,Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism) HIROYASU NOHATA CIO KAULA INC. Laura Noonan CFA and US Banking Editor The Financial Times . Faeez ...

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Behind Japan's Fake-Family Industry ASIAN BOSS - YouTube

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